Three months later

Three months after coming back I am in Barcelona again, continuing my Translating and Interpreting studies.
When comparing my life from before the Erasmus to what it is now, I’m going to take the risk and say that it changed a lot, and for good. I see myself more confident and independant and positive. At a personal level, I have learned a lot about life, friendships and personal relationships, self-confidence, personal administration and responsibility…

At an academic level, I have improved my German, I’ve learned a lot about German culture and I finally started interpreting, as well as many other things.

Now I am ready to get on with my life. I’d like to publish this blog as an electronic book on Amazon Kindle or Ibooks. If you are reading this on your Ebook or tablet, it means I achieved it.
Take a big hug from me and I hope that you recommend this blog to anyone you know who wants to visit Germany or another country.

Greetings, and remember: the force will be with you, always.

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