Germany World cup champions

Well, Germany won the World Cup. I think they really deserved it, given how well they played as a team, always going for the opposite goal whenever they could. When they won 7 to 1 against Brazil… That was incredible. I think it was just about time for a good team to teach the brazilian government a lesson, it was obvious that the WC was held there because they thoguht brazil would win.

But going back to the topic of my Erasmus, I only have 3 weeks left. and I’m starting to feel it. This last week I already had to say goodbye to a couple of my friends here that i doubt I will see in a long while. Sometimes I feel like I want to go back to Spain and other days I just want to stay here in Germany. I just hope to keep in contact with all the important people i have met here.
I still need to do some Exams. I’ve done well until now and I hope to go back to Spain with good grades.
These days life is pretty much the same. Study, meet with friends, stay home… I think that travels are over. 🙁

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