Second visit from my parents

My parents came to Saarbrücken this weekend! It had been about 6 months since I last saw them, and I missed them. They came on Sunday and a little late, because there weren’t any card to rent… and they had to go with the train and bus and such but they went the wrong direction and they ended up giong to Mainz! They had to travel 2 hours more. Oh well. At least they brought spanisch chorizo!!!
It went pretty well, we stayed about the city because with so little days we couldn’t really do much. Then we rented a car the next day. I don’t understand why my dad always wants to rent a car, I guess he’s not used to the German way of living. Many Germans don’t have cars and use public transport.
Anyway, I’m glad to see my parents, but at the same time it sucks because I don’t have much time here anymore and I need to start saying goodbye to people… Ten months ago I was thinking that I had the whole exchange thing in front of me, and now that it’s almost over, I feel it’s been too short.
Anyway, I hope Germany wins the World cup. 🙂 I saw the last two games with friends, last week we went to a barbecue and yesterday we were in the city at some bar to see Germany against Crazy americans. 😉

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