The story of how I began playing Alter Aeon

This is the story of how I began to play alter aeon, the best online

text game I’ve ever played. If you want to join me and play along,

visit alter aeon’s website
11 years ago I discovered the game that would literally change my life:

Alter Aeon.
I still remember the day: It was July of 2001. I was 9 years old at the

time and didn’t know much English (I am from Spain). As a curious and

young blind kid, I was always keen to explore the internet. Keen to

discover new things, and of course, new games to play… I was on a

website called whitestick: Tom Lorimer’s Whitestick Website, a website

for blind people based in the UK. I started looking around and found

another site called the Accessible Friends network, which offered some

games and stuff. There was a link to Alter Aeon, an online text game.

What’s this? I thought. I had played a text game in the past, but it

was not online, but a text adventure for blind people. and a mud seemed

like a nice way to get to play a real game where you could interact

with people and practice my, at the time, horrible English. So I


My name is Oriol, and everyone in Spain called me Uri. Mega is an

adjective in Spanish, and sometimes also in English, to describe

grandure or something big. So my name was, of course, Megauri!
I joined Alter aeon as Megauri. I was really lost, and my English

wasn’t good enough to understand anything. But I joined anyway. I

remember I started reading help files and using commands, each new

command being a challenge for me due to the lack of proper English

But I managed. I started going through the mud school, killing the mud

school monsters and getting armor. I remember I was really happy

because the game said that I had four armor class and was very well

armored for my level…

At that time I just kept running around and not really folowing any

gaming strategies, so I kept asking people how I could do things. I

remember noticing that my sword was attacking very slow, so I kept

spamming kill deer, kill deer, kill deer, kill deer and the mud would

keep saying You do your best! You do your best! You do your best! But

my English was so bad that I didn’t get the hang of this sentence, so I

would just keep spamming kill deer kill deer over and over, without a

real clue of what I was doing.

Then the time came, I was looking through the options and login and

found ppk. I thought that it was really bad if I didn’t register, I

don’t know why. Something in my poor English told me that I better

register for ppk because it had many advantages, something about

getting experience if I was a permanent player killer or something. I

remember I used to think that if a player killed me in ppk I would be

unable to play that character anymore. Something like that. I don’t

remember it, really. so I registered for ppk and well, no one killed me

at first. I remember I survived for a few weeks, but then someone

killed me. Kaoken, I think. Could it be? Or Ruin. Maybe both. I

remember being ice imped and being unable to move, and I had to wait a

long while until I could play again.
The first time I killed a ralnoth Cityguard I was so happy. Ralnoth

issue eq gives me so much armor class!
Basically, the only things I worried about were hitroll, damroll and

ac. Yeah, I had a warrior character. But I kept training stats. I

remember I couldn’t spell strength because I was using the spanish synthesizer to play and of course strengt and strength in Spanish sounds the same… Oh and cristal coat and crystal coat. But at the

time I didn’t even know about spellcasting. I didn’t practice any

skills! I just kept training strength because well, I’m a warrior and

I’m a strong guy. So let’s just train strength. Until strength was at

25, and my practices started to accumulate.

Then came the first person who really helped me out… And I would say

with a 99.9% certainty that itt was him, even though he doesn’t

remember. It was Pharel.

Pharel took me through the mud university because, according to him, it

was so much better than mud school! I was totally amazed Oh! There’s

more stuff in here! The whole mud is not just some cityguards and a mud

school! I remember thinking at first, OK  I’m going to go down this

road in Ralnoth, and eventually there will have to come to an exit

where I can only go the previous way I came right? The mud cannot be

endless… This road has to have an end, it can’t be that big.
But anyway let’s not get out of topic. Pharel helped me out, he showed

me mud-u and the Ralnoth guildmasters. He even told me that there was

something called spellcasting and a spell called shower of sparks! I

learned shower of sparks and I could kill so much faster than with my

crappy sub issue sword!
And the next day he showed me a waypoint called the glade of spirits.

It was such a cool place, because back then you could regen hp and mana

so much faster if you were in that room.
So Pharel helped me out and I discovered spellcasting. I don’t remember

much after that.
Oh, and I’ve talked about the mud school and Ralnoth, but 12 years ago

the newbie islands weren’t even in Dentin’s head! The newbie world

revolved around mud school, mud-University if you were an advanced

player and didn’t feel like going through the whole newbie monster

killing thing. And then a few other newbie areas, but I don’t think I

got that far because I took a long break for a few years.

After my first long break from AA, I came back. And the newbie islands

weren’t there yet. I can’t remember exactly when it was that I came

back, but my English was a bit better then. I could communicate with

other players and understand help files, so that was a huge plus. Now

that I think of it, I must have been around 12 or 13, so 3  years

later. I had a friend from the UK with a character called Tigger play

with me and he helped me out too, even though he was also a newbie.
I met some pretty cool people back then: Eva, or ava or something, from

the elfs channel, maybe someone remembers her. Franco/Page was also in

the lot, wuver then joined with us, he was also friends with tigger,

but I think he had another character back then. Magekiller or

something. I can’t really remember. I can only remember I had a

character called ultramage.
I remember having a heated discussion with my English teacher because I

told her that mages are also people who can do magic, because we were

talking about magicians.
Like the magicians in the circus. And I said that you could also use

the word mage for magician. And she said no no no no no no  you are

wrong. So I started arguing, that I play a game where a mage is a magic

user. So you can also call a magician a mage, can’t you? Because

magicians do magic… Yeah.

But anyway, I’m getting out of topic again. After that I took another

long break until 2005 or so. And there things got a little more

interesting. I met a bunch of blind people, like Lillie, Pjbdude,

Moose, I don’t know. Many. Oh, Torax of course. But Torax came later.

He still plays, even. Maybe you are Torax and are reading this right

Anyway, I met a guy from the UK, his name was Matt and he had lots of

characters: Libertine, Mattias, and he had another friend from the UK

and would tease him a  lot about not being able to tank boulders and

being a walking punching bag. Oh, and they supported two different

football teams. I remember Matt supported the westham team and the

other guy supported Sheffield United. Oh yeah, the other guy had a char

called Sheffutd. and he was silenced/noyelled because he started

yelling all over unholy that his team lost in the Premier League.
But anyway, I’m forever blowing bubbles (Westham anthem that Matt sang

to me through gt while running a ball lightning tome at Apollo) and God

save the queen. Yeah.
Matt and I wanted to mess around with ltype0 and ltype1 chars. You

can’t make these anymore because they were disabled by dentin,

basically all ltype 0’s were forced to convert to ltype2, the new

scheme and later also the ltype1’s. but anyway, ltype0 and ltype1

worked in a way that you had to get equipment to raise your stats if

you wanted good hp, mana and movement stats when levelling. It was

pretty fun, but unless you were a really experienced player and knew

were to find equipment with stats and negative hp, mana and move

values, it was pretty hard to get good stats. Me and Matt would have

competitionsto see who could raise a char to like level 15 with the

best stats and so on. and then more people started making ltype0 chars

to join us. It was fun.

From then on, there’s not much history. Just work on my part. I had

characters Soulsurf, Armagedoom, and then Zhiun. Zhiun was the

character with which I started creating mush-Z, hence the name mush-z

(hiun) and the zt channel Zhiuntell! Now I play as Kurek, but I can’t

easily rename mush-Z to mush-K without there being confusions, so it’s

stayed mush-Z since July of 2006, according to Zhiun’s date of

character creation. Yes, I’ve been working on mush-Z for over 7 years!

And it’s become so big… With more than 40 players using it at any one

time, it’s become, I think, the biggest mud client for blind people for

any mud, correct me if I’m wrong.
Mush-Z has gone through many, many stages that I can’t really think

about right now because it’s been very hard work, but it’s also been

gratifying. The first versions were just basic sounds for fighting and

battle music and so on. Then came the calculating of regen times, the

addition of channel history, the revolutionary pan/pitch progress bars

so you didn’t actually need a prompt and you could easily know things

like xp to level, your current mana, movement and health and so on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my article. I appologize if I say too many

technical things, or things that apply specifically to the mud. I know

that some of you will have never played and will not understand some of

the things I said, but I really hope you try it out and join us all.

Once again, you can find the game at
And if you want to try out mush-Z, visit

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