Much time has passed since the last post

It’s been a while since I last posted here. The truth is that many interesting things have happened. I know that the last time I posted, I posted that I would go to sight city and I haven’t posted anything else about this. well, we did go to Sight City on may 15th. We went a group of blind people (Pia, Pia’s brother, Birgit and I) and we went. Ana came with us. she’s also a student in Saarbrücken and she works at a blind school as a mobility instructor and studying psichology.
De thing is that Pia, maybe you remember, is doing an exchange semester in Spain as a volunteer for European Services but she decided to come to Spain for a week.
The Sight City was very interesting. We saw things that were really great, and others not so much. For example, I remember being fascinated by the electronic braille writing machine. It’s like a Perkins writer that we’ve always had in Spain but it’s electronic and you can plug it into a keyboard. I was all fascinated and the Germans kept telling me they’ve had it for more than 20 years. And then they say that the ONCE in Spain is modern…
Talking about the ONCE, we saw two people from this spanish organization selling stuff. I bought a Parchis, which is like an english ludo, at a discounted price. The Spaniards were al hapy because they were in Germany… But I don’t think they could speak much German. The girl had to interpret everything and the guy didn’t really speak English either. Oh well. I eneded up translating for my group. I can’t imagine how they managed, when everyone asked them questions. there were a lot of people in there. I was happy to see them there, some spanish people at the Sight City in Germany. It’s a pitty they didn’t come from Barcelona or I would have possibly known them.
Another very interesting thing we saw was like a touchscreen but in Braille. It could show pictures in Braille and you could press on the screen to interact with the contents of the screen on the computer or whatever.
We also saw some crazy guy selling flashlights with ambulance sound. He went around saying that if a blind person is in trouble, we can use this superlantern and make ambulance noises… Yeah, may the force be with you and careful you don’t hit someone with the lightsaber. I told him, ironically, that I’m glad someone has finally decided to make a product to really show the world that we are blind. as if we didn’t have enough with the armbands.
I then stayed with Pia in Tübingen for a couple days and then we went to Trier, because Pia had to fly in Frankfurt Han.

But what else has happened in the last weeks? Many things have happened. Pia has shown me how to wash the dishes the German way and you can find a video in Spanish here

Basically what they do is, instead of wasting water like the Spaniards, they put all the dishes in the sink and put the soap in the sink.

I also started taking interpreting classes, in fact fact you can find a Spanish video here:

After interpreting for a while I get a headache,a nd given that these conferences last for about an hour… Well.

Last weekend we went to Trier and Homburg with Ana and Giorgi. Ana, the one who went with us to Sight City and Giorgi, a friend of hers also from Georgia.
I posted many pics on Facebook which you can find on my profile because they are public. 🙂

Many other things have happened, like the construction by my residence or the huge bee that came in the other day. I really thought it was a goddamn motorbike. No kidding. It was so huge and I didn’t even realize at the first moment that it was a fucking bee, and I thought it was a sound from the construction or something. My god if that thing would have got me, i have a huge panic of these despicable creatures so I went in and ran to the bathrom and I’m not ashamed to say it. You would have done the same if a be like that came in your room.

I’m going to talk about the constructions they are doing by my residence. They occupy the whole street and they mde a hole that’s like half a meter deep for which, if I’m not careful, I can fall every time I go to university or to the bus stop. But it’s only about being careful. The problem is that everything is enclosed and it’s hard to get to the bus stop, but I think I managed it in the last days.

I’ll try to post more in the coming days, promise. I don’t know why I didn’t write more often. I guess because of university (I had a presentation on monday) and other random things that made me postpone the blog.

Good week everyone!!!

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