I’m on the newspaper

This sunday I appeared in the newspaper, diari de Tarragona! It makes me feel somehow great, to appear on the local newspaper and that my Erasmus stay in Germany is in the press, especially because there are thousands of Students who are doing the same as I am. I’m thinking that because of my blindness, maybe because I’m writing a blog, or maybe because I need to write instead of posting hundreds of pictures like most others do, I’m reaching a greater audience. This is what I always wanted to do since I started writing this blog. Help other students who want to go on Erasmus, and also reach out to other blind people who want to go to another country, either to do an university exchange or to live there.

You can read the article in Spanish under the following link: http://www.diaridetarragona.com/noticia.php?id=13678

One thought on “I’m on the newspaper

  1. Hombre Oriol!
    Quina sorpresa he tingut quan he llegit l’article del diari.
    Sóc la Carme Arévalo. Recordes… escola Europa a Salou.
    He entrat al teu blog i he vist tot el que fas i lo feliç que se’t veu per Alemanya.
    Jo ja se que tu ets capaç de fer tot el que et proposis.
    Estic supercontenta!!!
    Mereixes una bona recompensa per tot l’esforç que fas.
    Moltes felicitats, molts ànims i sempre endavant.
    Molts petons d’aventura.
    Carme Arévalo

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