Releasing Jumpspots Applescript: search specific text on any website with the mac

Welcome, welcome!
After a long while without posts, here I am again, releasing 2 Applescripts for you to enjoy.
2 Applescripts which are used in combination, called jumpspots.

Ever heard of specific search addon for NVDA? Well, you can now do the same with your mac. sort of. This lets you search for a specific string of text, depending on a website’s title or URL. Well, it uses simulated keystrokes to type in the text which is less than ideal, but it is better than nothing, so let’s begin.

The first thing you need to do is to extract the zip file to the folder where you normally place your apple scripts.
Afterwards, you need to go to the voiceover commanders and assign both retrieve_text and save_text to whatever key you like the most, personally I have command trackpad flick up for save and command trackpad flick down to retrieve.
In any case, once you launch save text for the first time, it will tell you that, oh no, jumpspots.plist does not exist. this file is created in your documents folder and contains all your specific searches, you can just delete this file to start anew.

Once this file is created you will then be able to save a text, which uses information from safari’s current active tab. You can either choose to save it to the title of the current website (i.e. the window title), or the URL, such as

Choosing one or the other depends on you, if the URL usually changes, choose the title. If the title of the site is dynamic and changes according to certain information, use the URL.

When retrieving text, it is important that you are not holding any keys while the script is simulating keystrokes. so if you are using command trackpad down, make sure you quickly let the go of the command key before the script runs. There is a small delay before it starts simulating keys, to give you enough time, such small price to pay for great functionality.

I will be modifying the scripts later, to add the possibility to only use part of the URL for the script, and to get rid of things like php variables which come after a questionmark, to allow for even more flexibility.

Please, make sure you clone the git repository for the latest update to these scripts at:

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