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Quicktap for Android development blog part 1: Introduction, basic events

Hello everyone!
I’m glad to announce that I have started developing quickTap for Android.
Now I know many of you will ask, why start with quicktap? Why not make roadsplat for Android or something?

Well, there are various reasons wh I have decided to start with quicktap, the most important one being that it is an easy game to create. I could make an easier one like guess the number or something of the sort, but now that would be too simple wouldn’t it?

So quicktap. Yesterday I installed the Corona sdk available for free from Corona Labs
, and starting around with it.

The first thing I did was look at some of the example applications that come with the corona package. This way I learned about events, basic audio library usage, and some other useful things.
Since Lua is the language used in mushclient (the mud client that mush-z uses) I am already familiar with it, so I only need to learn corona specific concepts which seem to be quite easy to understand for now.

Corona has a number of issues though, one of them being that it does not produce content accessible to talkback. But since we are creating audio games, we do not need talkback support because I will be using audio files. I can already imagine a number of issues that will come up, but I will solve them as the game grows.

So after installing corona sdk I decided to think about how I was going to make a main menu. I looked around the network and found a corona file called swipeDirection, which basically lets me know when the user swipesup, down, left or right and this is what I will be using for the menu. Then I implemented network support and an event for stopping the introduction prematurely. Next step will be to implement a main menu with swiping and tapping, coding the game, and whatever else I can think of. An issue that nags at me rght now is how I’m going to get the phone to speak the numbers (corona sdk lacks tts support) but I’m going to try and write a number speaker class like that of bgt and use the numbers sounds I use for my windows games.

Looking forward to your comments!