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Sight City 2014

The 16th of May I’m going to go to sight City, the most important event here in Germany for Blind and visual impaired people, where they will do many presentations, conferences and exhibitions of new products that help blind people in our daily lives.
It remidns me of the year 2007, when I went to Atlanta to attend the National Federation of the Blind convention. It’s something similar, but here in Europe, in Germany. I’ll tell you all about it, even though there’s still 15 days left. By the way, it’s in Frankfurt! As if I hadn’t visited this city enough times in the last months already… 😉

my first interpreting session!

Well, I know it’s my third post here today but I just wanted to share something cool. so much has happened today.
Today I did my first interpreting session! It’s a class called simulated conference, in theory as Erasmus Student i just needed to write a summary after each conference. But the teacher came and said hey, you speak good German, so go to booth 7 it’s empty. So I went in and started, I was a little unsure at first but I started interpreting and it went really well. I loved being able to interpret what others were saying. First I started interrpeting from English into Spanish, then I switched to German, because the English guy wasn’t doing a very good job (he kept stopping at stuff he didn’t understand). So I switched to German and it went pretty well.
At the end they told me I did really good and from next week on they’re going to put me in a booth 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
I just wanted to sahre this with you guys. I hope you’re all having a nice day and for the catalan speakers here, feliç sant Jordi 😉

My next goal: learn the way to the campus without taking the bus

Well, now that I can already find all the university buildings I need by myself, it’s time to try something else. My next goal is to learn the way from home to campuscenter without having to take the bus. When I got here in october I already tried, but due to my lack of orientation and motivation, and my predisposition to see everything “black” I wasn’t able to learn the way properly… so now it’s time to do it again and be successful. 😉 I’ll tell you guys about it, I don’t think it’ll be too hard.

Good day

Well today was a good day.
I had to learn the way to a new university building, it wasn’t so bad though. I also found a way to the damn Sprachenzentrum, since they blocked the stairs now or so it seems I can’t use the way I had learned, but there is a way through the c5.2 building and then c5.4 the Sprachenzentrum is just in front. 🙂
Anyway as I was saying. I started the new course on German-Spanish translation and I liked it a lot. We did some text to practice without dictionary or anything and I think it went well. I participated a lot and gave suggestions as to how to translate stuff better and I think the teacher likes me. 😉
Then I went to eat something and then to English class, which just finished. I came back home and discovered that the wonderful presidents of the student Residence I’m in are giving away free chocolate for easter. Mmmmmmmm! Chocolate time! 😀