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an interesting post I saw on 9gag

People always say, “God it must suck to be blind.” my god how do you it. poor guy. it’s true!but you know what? there’s plenty of good things about being blind. I go on airplanes first. I get VIP treatment at amusement parks. never have to worry about drinking and driving. I dont have to do my own lawn. my electric bill’s lower than yours. I ride the train for half fare, sometimes even free. every woman i’ve ever been with is a 10. i dont have to watch somebody age. You know what’s cool about being blind? there’s no race. i don’t know from beauty. I know people from what comes out of their mouth, and what’s in their heart. that’s how I know people. it’s very cool that way.

Presentation in German about Death on the Road

Last monday I made a presentation at university about an audiogame I developed around 2011. It’s more of a critic than a game. This game is called 2death on the road”. Some might remember it as roadsplat. It’s now available in Spanish, English and German. It’s a game with no pictures, just audio. You are a blind person on the street and there are many cars going from left to right trying to run you over. You need to cross the road when no cars are on your center using only your hearing.
Soon I’ll post the download links for this game in different languages, when I’m done fixing a few bugs.
You can hear an audio demo of this game here:

And you can find my presentation in German here:

Stammtisch im Canosa

Well, today after class something unexpected happened.
I got out of the bus I always take to go home and I bumped with Elisa, an italian friend of mine who’s also studying translation. She asked me if I was going to the Stammtisch (a Stammtisch is like a
roundtable, where everyone sits together and we talk about something specific).
Well the thing is that Elisa asked me if I was going to a stammtisch that was taking place in Canosa. I of course had no idea that there was a Stammtisch in canosa, so I said I wasn’t going. she somehow managed to convince me and so we went.
I sat by a bunch of italians. I thoguht I’d bore myself to death, but it wasn’t that bad. Normally I’m shy, but I ended up talking to a couple people and I also found a friend of mine from Spain that was with us. It was fun, and I met some eople.

Apple Store: Applaud or fraud?

LEt me talk a little about Apple here. I know many of you may say, and what does this have to do with your Erasmus? well, keep reading and you’ll find it.
The story is this: A few days ago I had problems with my iPhone. The power button hasn’t worked since I bought it, and two weeks ago or so it crashed. ITunes wouldn’t detect it and of course since the power button doesn’t work i can’t reset it. I went to the Apple Store in Barcelona and they gave me a new replacement.
All good until that. -but this Monday my iPhone started crashing constantly. Every application, after 10 minutes or so of usage, the springboard crashes and everything goes down.
I called Apple store in the United states (1800 numbers are free on skype) and asked them what I could do. They told me a lot of troubleshooting steps like restoring, setting up as new, etc which I had already done with the same results. So they told me to call Apple Store in Germany.
I called them and they basically told me taht they can’t do anything, that I need to bring my phone to Spain if I want to solve this problem. They actually had the balls to tell me to send it to a family member or something and then get it fixed.

Should I applaud them or send them to hell? Opinions?

Christmas Holidays

This saturday I came back to Saarbrücken. I had really great christmas holidays, especially because I hadn’t seen my family in about 3 months. I have been with family, friends, and i went to see my dad at the hospital, because he had a hip operation.
Soon I will upload an interesting prank call I did to the owner of the barber shop I always go to, Perruqueria alcover. That’s where I always cut my hair! If you ever go to salou and see Joan or Pedro at Perruqueria Alcover, give them my best regards.

Now, time to get back to work!