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the Frankfurt aDventures

Well, what to say about today? Today has been an adventure. It’s very rare for me, if not almost unthinkable, that I, as a blind person, have decided to do something like this.
This morning I got a bus from the University to Saarbrücken Main Station, and from there to Frankfurt. Two and a half hour ride until I arrived at Frankfurt Flughafen Main Station, where I payd 12 euro taxi to go to Kelsterbach, a small city close to the airport. That’s where my hotel is. Airport Hotel Kelsterbach. Very international.

As te insecure blind person I am sometimes, normally I would have arrived at the hotel and said: Oooh, I got the train and I got to the hotel! Mission accomplished. Victory. Game over.
But no, my adventures didn’t end here. I’ve come to Frankfurt to stay in frankfurt, not in bloody Kelsterbach. I got to the hotel and asked for help, and this very nice worker who usually does these kinds of things took me to the S-bahn station. There I took the S-bahn to the Christmas Market.
The christmas Frankfurt Weihnachtsmarkt… The biggest christmas market in Germany. I get on the train, wait a litte, and get out. Where do I go? Easy. Follow the noise. Follow everyone thinking, damn I’ll get lost. I didn’t.
I didn’t get lost, ad I didn’t have to ask. I’m just this intuitive sometimes. They only had to tell me once: Foward, stairs and then to the right, I could find the forwards, right and stairs.

I get out and arrive at the market, a wide area in the city with small stands, food, drink and Glühwein! And christmas gifts! I eat a pork steak with onions. Great!
The annoying foreigner Glühwein seller, he didn’t notice tat I was blind and so he was waiting for some kind of reaction from me and I was waiting for him to ask. No problem. Got that done.
Then, a little walking around. A little walking around through the market and then another S-bahn up to the main station, where I picked my friend up. We spent the day talking about our things, computers, mobiles, Android vs iPhone, programming, and so on and so forth. In German, of course.
I just got to the hotel: Tomorrow at 8, Airport. And at 11, Barcelona!

Guten Tag

Tomorrow I’m going to Frankfurt

Tomorrow I’ll spend the day in Frankfurt!
The story is this: On Saturday I have to fly to Spain really early in the morning (around 8:00 AM). I was going to get a taxi at 4:15 in the morning from the university to the Saarbrücken train station, because there weren’t any buses before 5:40. I of course didn’t want to wake up at like 3 in the morning to get all my stuff ready, so the best solution I found was this: I sent a whatsapp to Kevin, a friend of mine who lives near Frankfurt. I asked him if he’d like to meet up and he said yes, so I went on and found a hotel called airport Hotel Kelsterbach with a 6,7 rating and it’s only 3,2km away from the airport. The blind guy goes on an adventure!


Today I met with Pablo. We had to print our plane tickets to Spain. There was a problem with the printers, and we ended up going to the city with Maria with the excuse of going to get our christmas shopping done. It was real fun, we first went to eat and then we went to the supermarket to buy some stuff. We ended up not buying any christmas presents!
Then Pablo and I went to get a coffee and talked about our things. I think Pablo’s a great guy, as great as many other people I have come to meet in these 2 months that I have been here. On saturday I’m going back to Spain, but thanks to every wonderful person I’ve met here, as well as everything I’m learning, how fast my level in German is progressing, as well as every experience here that’s helping me become a more independent person, I’m going to Spain ut I also want to come back here, wanting to give it all as an Erasmus student and as the live and optimistic person that I am, or so I try. There’re so many people here that have changed my life, that have helped me here when I needed it the most, that have been here through good and bad times, that I wouldn’t be able to name them all: Pablo, Sergio, Francesco, Birgy, Eva, Claudia, Jessica, Jana, Sébastien, Stefan, Julian, Christian, Luis, Gerard, Adrián, and many more that I’m forgetting… Thanks to everyone who, in one time or many, have made me smile. I hope to come back after christmas and see you all.

what taking decissions does to us

Yesterday while having a Guinness with my good pal sergio we started talking about topics, some delicate and some not so. One of the topics that came out was that, thansk to my decission to study German at University in Barcelona 2 years ago, I am now in Saarbrücken. But let me explain a bit how it was, that I decided to study German:

At first I wanted to study Japanese. I had a few otaku friends who really liked Japanese music and manga series and such and so they sort of convinced me. I always wanted to study translation, but I wasn’t sure which third foreign language to pick. So I decided that I would study Japanese. Given my blindness, we had a meeting with many japanese teachers at university, and the assistants at ONCE
(organization for blind people in Spain) and it was decided that I would study Japanese on my own or somewhere else, given the various difficulties that kept popping, such as learning the symbols and such. So I ended up choosing German, and forgot the whole idea of learning Japanese.

What life has in store for us, we can’t even begin to imagine. We take decissions taht seem trial at the time, but that take us to completely different places in the future. I couldn’t imagine my life in Japan. It wouldn’t be what it is today. Who knows, maybe i would have gone to England instead.
And that’s how we spent the night sergio and I, drinking a Guinness while talking about our things. By the way, it tastes very fine.

Santiano concert

Yesterday, sergio and I went to see Santiano at a live concert. I must say it was a wonderful experience, not only because I went to see a band that I love, but because it was about time. I mean that after all the difficulties I faced here, the first tough days, it was about time! An incredible concert full of positive energy, celtic music, sounds of the sea, someone playing the Diggeridoo (ancient australian instrument made out of a tree trunk) and much singing, screaming… Now I have no voice! They played more than 30 songs in the 2 hours that they were with us. I of course recorded everything, as always, to keep the memory in the years to come. Sergio and I really enjoyed it and I feel really fortunate to have been at this incredible concert by Santiano. and incredible concert is much less than what it actually was.