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campus-Scheid Scheid-Campus Campus-Dudweiler

Today I wanted to get a bus to go from the campus to Dudweiler. But thanks to my buddy stephen, well actually I don’t think it was his fault, I got on that bus on the wrong side. The thing is that the bus line 138 goes from Mensa to campus and then to dudwiler. so normally all the buses to dudweiler leave from the other side, but 138 goes to campus first so it leaves from the “wrong” side. I spent the afternoon with my tandem partner for German-Spanish studies. I don’t have much else to tel, except that I have now finished my Translation for this blog!

going to the supermarket alone

Well, today I went to the supermarket alone. Such an experience I must say. Yes, my friends. I went to the supermarket like a true adventurer and walked through the whole place to find what I was looking for. Salads, yogurts, things for breakfast… Yeah, without knowing the place nor reading the labels I was able to buy what I needed. I got lost at times, but I don’t really care.
What will be the next crazy thing I do?

first movie in a German theater

Yesterday we went to the cinema here in University, to watch das Leben der Anderen (the lives of others) in German. It’s a movie about the Stazi in Germany, that would spy on the lives of possible traitors of communism in east Germany. A very emotional movie with a beautiful ending. I must say I understood it pretty well. I think that my German level has improved greatly since I’m here.

Not long ago I was thinking taht I’ve always been the sort of guy who never knows what has to be done because I’m a often careless. But maybe that was because I always had someone to take care of things. I’m guessing that since here I have to care for my own things I read everything and always try to keep things in order. Now I’m the one who is asked every time where to go, where a meeting is, or in which room a class or course is. Perhaps I’m changing after all.

My first month in Saarbrücken: Recap

A month ago from today, I was in Reus airport, ready for a travel that would, and will, change my life. After this month, I would dare to say that my life is changing deeply. I have always been an insecure person and now, every day I feel better with myself, especially with important things such as mobility, independence at home, getting by by myself, doing subjects and studies that I truly enjoy… It’s hard to explain how I feel. Even though I miss m friends and family, here in Germany I am learning to change. I’m learning things that are making me a more optimistic person, I have more self confidence while remaining responsible with my obligations and knowing when is the time to party “hard”. I have spent weekends at home, studying or cleaning or resting, and I have also gone out with friends. A month has flown by and I find it hard to believe… The first weeks were so hard that I thought I wouldn’t make it through, I thought it’d be so hard and now, looking back, I feel hapier and more confident every day that this experience is good for me. And every day I get home after going out with people, I’m more certain that I can make good friends here. 🙂

First mobility training

Today came my mobility trainer, for the first time. A mobility trainer is one who helps a blind person move around the spaces he/she frequents. In Spain, the service is free. However, in Germany, one must pay for this. This first training went really well and I’m happy with it. I already know how to get to the translation faculty, I know how to get to the supermarket. and she said I have good orientation! Can you believe it?I think that my orientation problems have always been more psychological and they didn’t have much foundation, so I’m satisfied that my orientation is getting better now.
Next week my trainer will teach me to go to other buildings I frequent, such as the Language Center and other faculties. 🙂

My first russian course and other things

Yesterday I took my first russian course and the truth is, I’m feeling very enthusiastic about it. I’m studying Russian in German, so it’s slightly harder, but learning languages motivates me. And now the important thing:
To take advantage of my programming skills, I need to code a program to learn the russian keyboard layout. Remind me of it. If by Monday I haven’t done it, you can kill me. I want to make it a game, so I am motivated to learn it. I’ll download the russian alphabet as soudn files and I’ll make a game taht teaches me the russian layout in relation to qwerty. Depending on the speed, I’ll get more or less points, until I have learned all the keys. I think it’s a good way to get better at understanding the russian layout.
Today I’m also doing another mobility training session, and doing the laundry. Greetings from Saarbrücken!

A message I posted to the student’s facebook group for Translating and Interpreting in Barcelona

This is a message I sent to the Faebook group for students of my degree that are starting now first year.
Hi, people.
I’m not in your grade, but I wanted to tell you all that I’m doing an exchange year in Germany and I’m finding it really nice. In a few years, when you have been studying translating and interpreting for a while, you might want to go on an Erasmus, like me. So listen up to this recommendation:
When you started, you have chosen two languages: Language B, that is your first foreign language. this will probably be English. Then, Language C or the language that you know the least. Well, I started learning German as language C and and the truth is, that here in Germany I’m improving a lot. There’s lots of people who prefer to go on Erasmus to the country of their language B, like many people in my class who have gone to England this year. I wouldn’t personally recommend it, I encourage you all to go to your language C is. I say this because there are many students here who can barely speak German, even so they are doing everything they can to integrate and keep up with their studies. With the level that you’ll learn by your second year at UAB you’ll have enough to go by.

Greetings from Saarbrücken!

My first class, and a short thought

Today I took my first class in the English studies faculty in Saarbrücken! This hasn’t been, however, the best thing that’s happened to me today. Thanks to some indications that a friend gave me before going to class, I was able to get out of the building, go out and find the bus stop without having to ask anyone. Then I got on the bus and went directly to my residence.
I know that for many of you this will be insignificant, but for someone like me who has always had trouble with orientation, it’s a big step forward. Even more important is the fact that I was never in this faculty before and I didn’t know anything about the way in advance.
What I mean to say with this is that you have to look at thigns positively. and today, I did it. When you feel nervous, you tend to fail. Today I didn’t even have to ask. I asked some guy on the street if the bus stop I was in was the right one. When he said yes, he must’ve freaked out seeing that big smile on my face.

Good news

Well many god things have happened these last days. The first thing is that the russian teacher says that he has the PDF book on the course moodle and that he also has some audio materials!
I was also able to find subjects equivalent to 30 credits, and this makes me a happy camper because I was worried about how I could I could do it. I have found some very interesting subjects, like cultural studies, technology, etc. Yesterday I played guitar with Sergio and we found many songs to play, I even taught him how to play “ich liebe dich” and some other songs like 2temple of thoguht”. He also taught me “piel canela” and 2tears in heaven”.Then we went to saarbrücken and ate some Kebab. I don’t have class today until 18:15!